July 27, 2013

"I won't go anywhere else. My kid loves it too. These guys, Boris and Emmanuel, not only know how to cut a man's hair. They have their space dialed-in, too. The magazines. The A/C jamming. Sports and news on the TV. Good conversation if you want it. Silence and "get the job done" if you don't want the chatter. That they came from Brooklyn and brought the NYC barber sensibility to Phoenix speaks for itself. I'm a fan and I hope they get a nice customer base. Lord knows there are plenty of guys who want a no-nonsense place to get their hair cut, too. Prices are right. They treat kids well, so if you're juggling dad duty, go ahead and expect the candy treats for the kids so they sit there quiet while you get your hair cut. Straight edge razor? Done. they have that. They're shomré Shabbat too--so don't try on Saturday. Respect that kind of discipline these days. It's rare, I think. Anyway... I can't recommend these guys highly enough."
July 19, 2013

"I have alopecia so its already very difficult to cut my hair. I tried with a stylist and another barber, and ended up just shaving my head. Here the barber took the time to raise my hairline just right to hide the alopecia hair loss, and the cut looks very good considering what he had to work with. The service is full, with all the clean up by razor, hot soap and foam. A hot towel and a message at the end all for under 20$ Its the best place I have been able to find, and ive lived here 31 years."
Arcadia Barber Shop